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Our clinic has qualified and prepared personel to attend your needs and improve your well-being.


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All of our services are focused to your health, well-being and constant improvement.

We like to offer a variety of options for anything you might need, so you can always feel comfortable and calm.

/ Ricardo Véjar V. MD

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"Your health and well-being make me work to be a better doctor every day."

After graduating as Doctor, I have always being interested in my constant academic and hands-on education, so I can give every patient I have a personalized treatment focused on their well-being and health. 

I believe that the road to learn new knowledge never ends and that is why I will always be ready to listen to you, so we can walk together towards your complete well-being.

Neural Therapy

Our body is a biological network. Body illnesses would be like an electric circuit. Well performed Neural Therapy can reconnect any damage instantly. Its healing capacity is up to 70%

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